Visitors who request services through this site may, in doing so, furnish additional information in order for us to provide the service requested.  The additional information collected will be no more specific than if the visitor were requesting the service by any other means, including by telephone or during an in-person visit with us.

If you send us an email or submit an online form, your email address and the other information you volunteered will be collected for the purpose of serving you.  We WILL NOT share this information with any other organizations to provide the help you are requesting UNLESS you specify we may. However, in ANY event, this does NOT include the account numbers you use for any electronic payment – and certain other types of protected information.

NO personally identifiable information is collected from visitors who simply browse this site or who download information from it.  While our web servers maintain logs of activity to help us manage the web site, information stored in these logs does NOT identify you personally.

We use this information to learn how many visitors we have, which parts of our web site are of most interest to visitors, and other facts that will help us improve the web site and the services we offer.