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Our offices give names & telephone numbers of Independent Contractor Musicians and Bands to other local Pittsburgh, Coastal NJ, and South Florida musicians & bands that perform for corporate events, parties & weddings. This includes our bands.

We are not an employment service or employment agency, we do not charge a fee. Information we obtain from those who contact us is given to bands that are looking for sub-contractor musicians, vocalists & bands.

For musicians; most bands commonly are looking for Female & Male Vocalists, Guitarists, Drummers, Saxophonists, Trumpets, Trombones, Keyboardists and people who have equipment handling or sound reinforcement experience.

For bands; the most common bands we are associated with perform for weddings & parties & can play a wide variety of music in tuxedo-type of formal attire. We are not involved with bar bands or any recording industry pursuits.

Send us something, ANYTHING!

Extremely helpful in letting people know that you're serious, is your sending any kind of a picture, CD, or video of you - preferably in action. Even if it's a Polaroid picture of you at your birthday party and a tape of you singing in the shower, it's better that nothing (usually) Also, any recording displaying your ability to perform different styles is always a plus. Whatever you have- the way to get bands convinced you are serious is to send something.

Sign up first - then email us info!

Musicians & Bands; join our list - submit your info!
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After you sign up you then will be provided a link to email - When you email please include your name, all telephone numbers at which we can reach you, what instruments you play and/or if you sing, including styles of music, whether you read and how well, and when you'd be available to work. Also indicate if you can travel if needed. Also let us know if you are sending anything, so we can look out for it.

We will maintain your information in our files, so we can immediately give it to bands when work becomes available. If your contact info changes, please contact us again. In this business, there may be nothing for a long time, but then something in an instant, so please keep us up on how to contact you!

Please remember, sending us your information through any means should done so solely at your discretion, and that implied in your doing so is your permission to forward this information to other bands and musicians.

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